Friday, June 4, 2010

Rainbow Around the Block

Guess, what?  I made my first block for charity!  Anna Maria Horner hasn't announced it on her blog yet, but she's started her charity bee for Tennessee victims of a recent, very nasty flood.  Her bee, Rainbow Around the Block, is just getting started and anyone can participate by making a 12.5" square block that's mostly monochromatic.  Anna's posted all about the rules at her Flickr group.

Blush Log Cabin Block

I made this block last night using a variety of blush/coral scraps from Meadowsweet, Good Folks, Little Folks and Lecien basics.  I thought from Anna's Flickr page that she wanted VERY monochromatic blocks.  I wasn't very happy with my own block... maybe because it's a little too one-color.  Today Anna posted some of her own blocks into the Rainbow Around the Block Flickr pool and hers are beautiful, of course.  I'm glad to see that she used more variation in color than I, because I may make another block tonight and I'm going to have more fun this time!

P.S.  Thanks for those of you who've contacted me to say you're up for a charity bee.  I'm putting plans in motion and will let everyone know when Stitched in Love is ready for members!


  1. this one is gorgeous! I am trying to show a range of blocks at the flickr group so everyone can understand what a broad interpretation singular of dual in color can have :) I personally have so few tonal fabrics, so its nice for me to see this sweet soft one :) thanks for your help!

  2. Thanks Anna - you're kind! Now I'm off to get the Rainbow Around the Block button for my blog...

  3. What a lovely block! I like the fabrics you used very much. They have this slight retro touch - beautiful!

  4. as a Nashville resident... this touches my heart. thanks to all of you for helping in such a special way.

  5. [...] Horner.  Anyone can stitch together a 12.5″ square block (mostly monochromatic) for her Rainbow Around the Block efforts.  She’s making quilts for victims of some nasty flooding in her Tennessee [...]


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