Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fairytale Snapshots

How do you photograph a ginormous quilt top all by yourself... when the only good light left is outside?  Hmm...

Spread it out on a grassy slope?

Fairytale Quilt Top from the grass

Climb a tree?

Fairytale Quilt Top from a Tree

Ok, there it is.

Fairytale Quilt Top

Well, now you can see it all.  I didn't finish the corners, because after 3 hours of stitching, I was ready to be done.  I plan to miter them like so.  But I'm not sure how I'm going to bind this quilt, so that's my excuse for not finishing.  I think I want a low-key linen edge finish.  I'm thinking about how I could use the edges I already have.  They're straight!

Woa, don't fall!

Fairytale Quilt Top

Let's get down out of the tree and try something a little more interesting.  Over a branch perhaps?

Fairytale Quilt Over a branch

Aaaah, pretty!

Pretty closeup

Wait!  Folded?

Fairytale Quilt Folded on a Branch

Does she look bored?

Fairytale Quilt

I think it's time to call it a night.  You tell me, how do you photograph a ginormous quilt all by yourself?



  1. Good job, Rachel. Glad you got the photo and lived to tell. I've spread quilts on the ground and climbed a step ladder. New rule is they have to fit on my design wall which is 72" x 72". If all your sashing intersections are square why would you want to mitre the outside ones? I'd just finish it with a binding and a stripe on the diagonal suggests itself, the white with the orange dots or some of the viney looking fabric. If you don't have enough of any one fabric sometimes sections of all the fabrics in the quilt are whimsical enough. This quilt is fit for a princess!

  2. so beautiful. love the color combo.

  3. It's turned out utterly, utterly lovely, Rachel!

  4. I like the ladder idea. Your quilt is beautiful....the color mix very appealing. I make mostly lap quilts so I hang them on a tree branch or over one of the stone overlooks up on the Blue Ridge Parkway here in VA. I love the background up there. My scrappy red and black one is on a tree branch, and my pinwheel one is up on the Parkway. Hugs, Genie

  5. how beautiful and inspiring your projects, sewing is one of those crafts that I have yet to tackle, I do so love anything homemade, so eventually I must learn to sew...

  6. Were you really up in those trees? I must say that it put one big grin on my face!!
    Have a good one and beautiful work,

  7. 2 years too late, but I hang them on the clothesline !

    It's a beautiful quilt !

    1. Thanks, Marika. I totally wish I had a "normal" clothesline for that reason. We have an umbrella clothesline, which I otherwise love =)


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