Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eco Travel Lids

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend I happened across Whip Up's coverage of Alyson Hill's Eco Travel Lid.  Here's the first one I made:

Eco cover

My literal response to Whip Up's post was, "Yes, yes, yes!!! That is what I need to make. I don’t even own plastic wrap anymore."  And, it's true.  In an ongoing effort to eliminate the disposable from our lifestyle we stopped buying plastic wrap awhile back.  I only miss it when I want to bring food in a pretty bowl rather than in pyrex, which we use for just about everything else.

Fits multiple=

So, in less than an hour, I had completed my first Eco Travel Lid.  And see, it fit's more than one size bowl.  The directions were totally clear.  And, really, there are so few steps that it'd be hard to go wrong here. 

Eco cover reverseI used a thrifted cotton print that's not a favorite and backed it with some leftover yellow decorator's weight fabric.  Allyson used ripstop nylon for her backing to help the eco cover keep food fresh.  The yellow fabric I used is a synthetic of some kind with a very tight weave, so I figure it can't be as breathable as cotton.    And, it looks cute reversed too.

My first cover wasn't big enough to cover my biggest, most gloriously yellow bowl.  So I made another Eco Travel Lid, this time with eggplant purple synthetic lining, in an extra-large size.  Now, I told my husband, we just need an opportunity to bring a dish to a friend.  Party anyone?

Large Ecocover


  1. Brilliant!! This is a fabulous idea...will definitely make it on my summer sewing list.

  2. That's a good idea. I need to make some of those. I'm congratulations that your meeting was so successful. You seem to be very well organized.


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