Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Anna...

Dear Anna Maria Horner,

I'm a longtime blog follower, fabric fan and member of Rainbow Around the Block.  Please forgive me for the somewhat whiny email!

When I first heard of your Skirting Couture workshop, I immediately wanted to attend.  But, we live 7 hours away from Nashville, so it seemed unfeasible for me to get away for several days and afford such a trip.  Then today, I received a revelation - Nashville for the whole family!  Really, I came across an article this morning about all the fun things to do in Nashville, like the Nashville Shores, Belle Meade Plantation, First Center for Visual Arts children's art experience, etc. By lunchtime I had planned a trip and even convinced my husband over the phone that we should change our summer vacation plans to Nashville.  Of course, I was elated because I'd get to join your class (which was to be a birthday gift from my mom).  I even downloaded the registration form.

So... when I returned home this afternoon to settle on details and reserve our trip, I clicked over to the Skirting Couture page to double check the start time.  Much to my HORROR, it reads "sold out!".  This morning it was not.  Now it is.  NOOOOOO!!!!!  I even contacted them and left a lame message begging to be included.

Please, please, is there anyway that I can attend?  I will be very good. I will not cause any trouble.  I will smile and nod and not seem like a strange stalker at all ;).  And, if not (sniff, sniff) is there any chance you'll be doing this again?

Obnoxiously CheerfulThanks for bearing with me through this email.  My husband got a kick out of my endless sighs and such through dinner just now.

Somewhat desperately,



P. S.  My sewing table is obnoxiously cheerful tonight.


  1. Oh, I hope you get to go. What a bummer when you get your heart set on such a thing to be let down!!! Especially when someone else in the class might not be as enthusiastic about it as you!!!

  2. Oh, I do hope you can go. Whine away!

  3. I of course will see what I can do- would love to meet you and sew together!!! Although I would have some serious performance anxiety after this!

    xoxox, Anna

  4. Oh my gosh, keep us posted! Good luck!

  5. how can they turn you away . . . have fun!

  6. Did you get in the class? Hope so!

  7. [...] to take class with the fabulous Anna Maria Horner.  After doing some wishing and praying (and begging), I was granted a late entry into Anna’s “Skirting Couture” workshop.  Yes, [...]


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