Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cut Short

At last I've begun piecing my daughter's  Fairytale Patchwork twin-sized quilt.  I can't tell you how heavenly it's been to work with this giant bouquet of gardenias on the table, fresh cut from my yard (and a new discovery!) this weekend.

Since the linen sashing has finally arrived, it's been coming along nicely.  Cutting all that 3" sashing was a good bit of work, but now that everything's cut, you'd think it'd be smooth sailing from here.

Fairytale Piecing

Yep, things are lining up all right. And, I've only had to rip out one seam. But....

Fairytale Piecing up close

Liam cut the cord - the IRON cord! This is not typical behavoir for my 3-year-old. And, of course, this was like the ONE time I left the thread scizzors in full view. I was shocked.

SNIP! - He cut my cord

Thankfully, Liam was not. Everyone is ok... except for the iron. And, now pieced fabric is backing up with no pressed seams in sight.

No more iron...

I was going to finish piecing the quilt top tonight, but I guess I'll have to settle for making some progress. The good news is that this iron was about to hit the bucket. It had started turning itself off every 10 or so seconds. You can imagine the fun of using it that way. My new iron just shipped today. Coincidence?

Fairytale Piecing in progress

P.S.  Sorry for the wrinkles!


  1. It is beautiful (so far)! I love the colors with the natural linen, I have almost every fabric you are using. : ) Look forward to seeing it finished.

    ps - love the colored panels and framed photos on your wall there!

  2. LOVE it! Can't wait to see it when you are finished (also can't wait for some sewing lessons!)...

  3. Your daughter's quilt is really lovely already! I have the hardest time starting and planning something so large. Your quilts are inspiring!

  4. Beautiful flowers, beautiful quilt! I'm excited to see the finished product (pressed or not).

  5. It is beautiful. My summer project is to make quilts for both of my children. We moved a few months ago and they each got a new bed. Unfortunately, the bedding is a mix of assorted blankets...not so lovely.

  6. Wow, that quilt is going to be absolutely beautiful!

    So glad to hear the little guy is all right. What a scare this must have been for you!

  7. Funny story! Glad your little guy wasn't hurt. The crazy things kids do. Pretty project :D

  8. It was quite a scare. I'm kind of glad that I was outside and my husband was in the kitchen by the table, since I didn't have to see it happen. Fortunately, he was not shocked at all. Of course, I still feel responsible. Lesson learned!


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