Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ultimate Hexagon How To

It's time!  I've been just ogling all the hexy goodness out there for too long.  What, don't know about the craze?  Check out this Flickr group - The Handsome Hexies - but be prepared to catch the hexagon bug!  They're cute sewn together, cute appliqued on anything and darn cute just sitting in a stack.  LOVE!

Ready to start making hexagons?  Here's a smattering of the best how to make hexagon resources on the web.

Video Tutorial

I'll dub Melanie of Texas Freckles the "Hexagon Queen."  Her 1000+ hexagon quilt in progress is going to be smashing and her tutorial is my absolute fave.  Watch her hexagon video tutorials to learn how to baste and piece hexagons in a tried and true, classic technique.  Melanie uses paper templates, hand basting and the super-speedy whip stitch for piecing.  I guess that's why she's been able to make 1,016 hexagons and counting!

Printable PDF Tutorial

If you prefer a handy, printable guide, checkout this PDF hexagon tutorial by Amy of Badskirt.  Amy's technique is similar to Melanie's, but she uses the ladder stitch for piecing.  Some say the ladder stitch hides stitches on the finished side better than the whip stitch.  The PDF also includes some fun piecing designs and templates for cutting your own paper pieces.

Compare Techniques

Will you cut out paper pieces or buy plastic templates?  Cut your fabric to hexagon shapes or to squares?  Whip stitch, ladder stitch or running stitch for piecing?  What about assembling a large design?  If you're an info junkie like me, you'll adore Adventures in Hexagons from The Sometimes Crafter.  Christina's excellent pictures and notes on what worked for her will help you choose your favorite technique without all that pesky trial and error.

Browse Hexagon WIP

The Hexagon Queen (aka Texas Freckles) is hosting a Hexagon Charm Quilt Piece-Along, where you'll find a great list of other bloggers making hexagon quilts.  She's also got a handy list of hexagon how to links at the end of that post.  What else could you need?

Printable Hexagon Paper Templates

Oh, how about a template to print so that you can start making hexagons NOW!  Texas Freckles' Easy Cut templates for 1" and 1 1/2" hexagons look just right.  Off I go!


  1. I laugh at myself and the "Adventures" post because it's so much like what i've learned to do over the years in my science classes. Isn't it called the "Scientific Method" or something like that. Trying all the possibilities. It's just in my nature. :) Thanks for linking!

  2. NIce post! LOL -- I could have used it two days ago when I finally sat down and made some 1" hexies. They certainly are addicting!


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