Saturday, May 8, 2010

Note to Self

Up close

1.  Oh, Fransson!'s binding method works (be sure to cut strips 2.5 inches!). Loving the hidden stitches and crisp mitered corners.  Next time, use a thimble when hand-stitching...

Meadowsweet Finished!

2.  For some reason, making a small quilt is not nearly as satisfying as making a larger one.  At least it looks respectable all folded up. Best to go bigger next time.  Toddler bed quilts?  Throw quilts?  Twin quilts (gulp!)?


3.  Don't judge a quilt until it's quilted.  My goodness what a BIG difference that little bit of texture makes!

Meadowsweet Backing

4. Um, press the quilt before photographing. Yes, it's really necessary.

5. Working from a pattern (Oh, Fransson! New Wave with modifications) is not all that creatively fulfilling even when it's a cool design.  Enjoyed making the quilt back (especially the quilting design) more than the front... because I created it.


  1. Rachel,
    It is absolutely beautiful! you did an amazing job on that quilt!

  2. Wow! That is beautiful. I love the colors and what you did on the underside of the quilt. Great job, as usual!

  3. Looks great! so how did the binding go this time around?

  4. Applying the binding as per her instructions worked beautifully. This was my first time hand-stitching a binding and it didn't take long at all with this small of a quilt. I think I did it in three sittings, while watching TV. But, my fingers were pretty sore afterwards! I like the look enough that I don't see myself going back to machine-applied next time.

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  6. Rachel, this quilt is beautiful~especially the back. I have yet to follow a pattern myself so I can imagine it's not as satisfying creatively, but it certainly is lovely. Great job!

  7. oooh, i love this. beautiful. ;) especially the back! love your color choices!

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