Monday, May 24, 2010

Mayfair Memories & Fairytales

So, not much stitching this weekend.  I gardened on Saturday (and actually enjoyed thinning the carrots - shhh... don't tell anyone!) and Sunday we went to Mayfair!  Here's my little Mayfair maiden:

Skipping, ribbons, flowers, painting, garlands, flutists, singing, sunshine and fresh squeezed lemonade!  The children all enjoyed their turn (x3) to skip around the Maypole... and I got in on the action too.

I'm not one to miss a chance to dance! 

My Fairytale Patchwork quilt is coming along, but I've got to order sashing.  I have settled on natural linen sashing (surprise, surprise) because I think it will give the quilt more of a modern, big-girl vibe that I hope Aria will love for years to come.  She is absolutely smitten with the unicorn fabrics.  And, she's agreed that the linen is not a bit gray (because, we don't want to repeat that scenario). 

Here are some test layouts.  The blocks are 12" square with 2.5" sashing:

Testing the Layout

12" blocks, 2.5" sashing

I really like the way the little princess looks sandwiched in Little Folks voile:

Princess Block layout

Poor little princess. Life must be rough.  Luckily, us peasants can frolick at Mayfairs and enjoy the lasting pleasure of good, old-fashioned work!

Princess & the Pea


  1. Yay for pretty little girls, faeries and unicorns!

  2. I love the way it looks (so far)! That princess and the pea fabric coordinated perfectly with the little folks, too, love it! The voile feels so delicate and unlike anything I have sewn with yet. Have you tried sewing with it yet?

  3. Yes, I've sewn the little folks a bit when I added the Princess and the Pea strip. I used a Microtex needle, which quite a few sewists have recommended. I feel the fabric is more slippery (it's akin to silk), but not so much so that it's frustrating. I also found it a little difficult to cut with my rotary cutter, but I'm sure I need practice!


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