Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fairytale Patchwork: Inspiration

Months ago I made these curtains for my daughter's room, inspired by a project in Meg McElwee's "Sew Liberated":

Aria's Wildflower Curtains

Love them!  But, as soon as I hung them up I was dying to complete the look with a custom quilt for her bed.  Aria had one request:  add some purple.  OK, but how to do that and still make the quilt match the curtains.  Hmmm...

A little browsing and we fell in love with the Far, Far Away collection by Heather Ross.  Princesses, wildflowers, frog prince and unicorns... a dream come true for little (and big) girls.  Here's a collage of swatches from Heather's blog that helped me see how her collection would work with the bold reds and oranges of the curtains, while bringing in the purple.  Sadly, they're, um a little pricey.  At $17 a yard I didn't see how I was going to get my hands on enough fabric for a twin sized quilt.

And, my friends, that's where grandma comes in!  I mentioned my idea to make Aria a twin quilt and she was instantly interested in getting involved.  Not surprisingly, she fell in love with Far, Far Away too.  Surprisingly, she offered to buy the fabric if I would make the quilt!  It's going to be a joint birthday gift from the two of us.  Hurray!

Last night I started cutting!  These fabrics are so soft and plush.  The Far, Far Away's remind me of soft cotton gauze you'd use to wrap a wound.  Is that weird?  I'm quite frankly blown away by the silky soft hand of the Little Folks fabrics I also added to the mix.  Anna Maria Horner is the bomb, as always.  Aaaaaah... heaven.  Back to work now.
Far, Far Away - Purple Unicorn


  1. The curtains are smashing. Those colours are yummy. Yay for gramma's.

  2. i found your site via oh frannson's comment section- i was curious to see the quilt you wrote about. oh man, i love your blog! you do beautiful work. i absolutely love the quilt in your header- amazing! and you are right, you can't really beat AMH! ;) and i bet your mixtape quilt with FFA fabric is going to be amazing. I'm working on a mixtape quilt for my sister's wedding with HR's Mendocino.
    i read briefly in a few posts down about how your etsy shop benefits a charity- what kind? how awesome. don't get discouraged- etsy is a big place and its easy to get lost there- perhaps you could advertise around your town- a simple business card/postcard-ish thing with your etsy address on it. i see people advertise like that on bullitin boards in fabric shops and coffee shops. i love your make-up bags- they are such a modern/fresh way to carry all those supplies. if i was a make-up girl i would snatch one up. ;) as it is, i am so not. i will keep you in mind for gift-giving though. ;)
    anyway- love your blog- i'll be back! :) take care, kelley

  3. Kelley, Thanks so much for your encouragement. It means a lot! My Etsy store is set up to benefit Child Survival through Compassion International. Basically they help pregnant moms and babies with essentials for a healthy start. I'm going to hop over to your blog now and see if I can find a peek at your mixtape quilt.


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