Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh well...

I think I'm cured of making clothes.

Do you remember that top I made for my 5-year-old daughter for Easter?  She doesn't like it.  Not at all.  She put it away and said not a thing.  When I asked her after about a week when she planned to wear it, she suggested next Easter.  And then, she sadly confessed the truth:  the top has too much gray.  Take a look:

after a storm

What, you see purple, pink, red (all her favorite colors)?  Did you notice the natural linen trim (it's grayish)?  The ironic truth is that Aria chose this fabric herself!  Um, yeah!  To be fair, there is gray in the print.  Take a look at the back towards the center left:

Well, I'll be.  Who would have thought fabulous pink and purple could be done in by a bit of soft gray?  Aria, quite sweetly and trying to help, suggested I should sell it.  So, I will.  Why not?  She reluctantly agreed to model it for me and so we enjoyed some time outside after a thunderstorm admiring the battered azaleas.

Not exactly what I had in mind, but oh well....



  1. Oh, I soooo feel you! I tried for years to make my daughters clothes they would wear. Even when they ASKED me to make them something, it maybe got one wearing. Very frustrating. Nevertheless, that is one gorgeous top! And whoevever ends up with it will be very lucky to have it. I also just noticed that you have my blog on your inspiration list! Thank you so much and after seeing your blog I'm so flattered that you find ME in inspiring- your work is stunning, truly stunning.

  2. It is adorable and so is your little daughter. It looks like you did a great job on it. Kids are funny I guess.

  3. Lauren, It's good to hear that you have had bad luck with your daughter too. I want to remain "cured" from making clothes, because I have so much else I'd really enjoy making more!

    P.S. I still AM going to make that quilt for my daughter in a style inspired from the one you made Mira. So, yes, you are definitely inspiring!

  4. Oh, it's such a beautiful fabric and top! Too bad about all that gray. :) Sorry about that.

  5. [...] My Fairytale Patchwork quilt is coming along, but I’ve got to order sashing.  I have settled on natural linen sashing (surprise, surprise) because I think it will give the quilt more of a modern, big-girl vibe that I hope Aria will love for years to come.  She is absolutely smitten with the unicorn fabrics.  And, she’s agreed that the linen is not a bit gray (because, we don’t want to repeat that scenario).  [...]

  6. [...] for ME!  Afterall, I know I’ll appreciate all the work that goes into a project (remember that top that Aria couldn’t like?).  Disney does many a refashion on Ruffles And Stuff.  My idea for this top is not actually from [...]

  7. I just read this post and I have to say I've been "cured" of making my kids clothes, too, only to go ahead and make them something again :) I've found that when I make them shirts from knit fabrics, they love and wear them until well past the shirt being too small. I have yet to have them wear shirts I've made from woven fabric, maybe it's a comfort issue? Though, I made a skirt that my 5yo loves from woven fabric. And my 3yo often wears a simple little pair of pants I made from a linen-like fabric. So, who knows with those picky little ones :)


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