Sunday, April 25, 2010

Make up Rolls for Mama & Etsy!

Makeup Rolls for Home & Travel

Oooh, I love to finish a project... but a double project is even better!  My mom requested a make up roll for Mother's Day after seeing the one I made for myself out of sheer desperation.  Mom chose some of her favorite Anna Maria Horner fabrics, and I stitched it up just right for her make up stash:

Good Fortune for Mama

I simply cannot find anything like it on Etsy or elsewhere.  The concept is from a Mary Kay design I used to death that was made in nasty vinyl.  I just love having all of my everyday make up in one organized roll so that I'm not digging through a dark bag or taking one piece at a time out of the drawer.  And, when it's time for a trip, it's all ready to go with protective padding built in.

My mom encouraged me to make another make up roll to attempt to sell on Etsy.  She knows that I have to earn my fabric money, as finances are really tight for us (and most everyone these days, right?).  What she didn't know is that I've been dreaming about starting an Etsy store that would raise money for charity.  My passion for creating is a wonderful way to spend the evening for sure, but I feel it could be something more - a way to bless others.  I've always had a heart for children in poverty, so I've decided to use a chunk of the proceeds from my Etsy store for Compassion International's Child Survival Fund.  I'm very excited... and nervous.  Will anyone really buy my things?  I suppose time will only tell.  Here's my first item for sale:

Buttoned Up in Ink



  1. [...] a custom makeup roll, like the one I’d already made for myself.  While planning her project, I decided to make 2… one for her and one to sell.  Attempt to sell, that is.  You see, I desire to use my [...]


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